Baalon Ka Doctor


Hair care is often not a priority for some people. And as a result of that, people end up suffering from a myriad of hair problems. These problems accumulate together and end up damaging your hair irreversibly. It’s time to change the habit.

It’s time to fight the hair problems at its root cause. And to help you do that, we bring to you the Baalon Ka Doctor. A range of hair care products from the house of Sesa, to help you not only tackle hair problems, but to cure them all for once. No matter if your hair is dull, dry, or damaged Sesa has the perfect solution for it. Repair and restore the shine your hair truly deserves with a range of our Ayurvedic products. Just the #BaalonKaDoctor you need in your life

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A range of products created with the knowledge of ancient ayurveda to make your hair smooth, shiny, and strong. If you are looking to repair your damaged hair or just looking to maintain the health and luster of your hair, then Sesa is the perfect choice for you.